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Fri, 11/30/2012 - 10:43 -- George Robertson

Saturday night will be the 1ST CANDLELIGHT AND CHORAL WALK in Waterdown.  Be a part of hsitory and a part of the Knox Family Singers as the community stops and joins in with us to sing carols by candlelight at Mill and Church.

The community will be gathering at the Post Office at 6:30 pm for the official opening.  By 7 pm they will be on their way along Main St.N. to John St.  They will go along John St. to Mill St. and head south, arriving at KNOX where we will be ready to lead them in joyous caroling.  They will move along Mill St. to the Library and head back to the Post Office on Main. St.

Please be at Knox by 6:45 pm to get ready and get your voice in tune.

Be sure to bring your children.  Bring your parents.  Bring friends.

Here's the weather:  Snow flurries tonight and THEN it will be a beautiful Saturday of 7 degrees going to a low of 5 degrees.  So Saturday evening is tailor made for caroling at Knox.

See you at 6:45 pm.