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The Friendly Beasts

Wed, 11/28/2012 - 15:25 -- George Robertson

We don't often think of BEASTS being friendly.  The biblical picture of God's Kingdom of Peace is one where the animals will indeed be friendly with each other.  God's Peace - SHALOM - is more than the absence of conflict.  Shalom is God's gift of setting right and healing the brokeness of our lives and of creation.  People will love each other.  Shalom will flow deep and wide, embracing all of creation, including plants, animals, the whole earth.  Isaiah 11. 

The children of Knox will be painting a large picture in their small way at 9 and 11 am on Sunday, December 2nd of what God's promise in Jesus Christ is all about.  The Friendly Beasts will be about more than cute children though that they will be as they read, speak, play their instruments and portray the Christmas Story.  The Friendly Beasts is about God's Promise fulfilled with more to come in Jesus.  "A shoot shall come out of from the stump of Jesse, and a branch shall grow out of his roots."  (Isaiah 11:1).  In quiet Bethlehem it happened two millenia ago.  In majesty and glory Jesus will come again to bring the complete fulfillment of the promise of God's Peaceful Kingdom - the new heaven and the new earth.

Please use the rest of this week to invite your family and friends to join you in worship at Knox on Sunday.  It will be a morning of laughter and joy, gladness and yearning, hope and love.  You won't want to miss it!