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An Amazing Worship Conference at Redeemer

Sat, 09/22/2012 - 19:30 -- George Robertson

Six of us from Knox were privileged to be a part of the 2012 Worship Conference today at Redeemer University College.

Hundreds of people lifted songs of adoration, confession and thanksgiving to our gracious and good God.  Brian Doerksen, a Canadian song writer and worship leader/equipper, sang and spoke in a humble and moving way of worship as our surrender to God and our receiving of God's provisions for our lives.

I was introduced to a song I had never sung before - Welcome to a Place of Level Ground.  United in joy and gratitude to God for his love and favour to us in Jesus Christ we experienced a rich sense of God's presence in the morning worship.

Listen and be blessed.

I have never sang 'Abide with me' with such depth and meaning - all seven verses.  A pastor friend told me he was weeping.  I understood.

We had workshops ranging from Growing as a Worshipper to Growing up Worshippers.  There was Worship as a Lifestyle as well as Embracing all the styles of Music in Worship.  27 workshops spread over 3 sessions.

We learned a lot.  The worship of God in song was moving and real.  We worshipped Jesus Christ, the only God of grace, in the power of the Spirit.