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Back to school in Waterdown/Flamborough and Buikwe/Kiyindi

Thu, 09/13/2012 - 16:13 -- George Robertson

Last evening 8 of us had the privilege of listening to the heart and passion of a great Knox friend, the Rev. Justus Miwanda.  Jutus is an Anglican priest who is the Executive Director of International Needs in Uganda.  He has visited often with us at Knox over the last 6 years. 

When Justus started working with IN Uganda they had 500 children with education sponsors.  Today there are close to 3,000 girls and boys who are sponsored for a first rate education with breakfast/lunch and a school uniform.  It's an amazing work of God.  Our amazing God has blest us at Knox to partner with Justus and IN Uganda by sponsoring 33 of these children at schools in Buikwe and Kiyindi.  Thank you to those in Knox who have generously stepped forward to help with this wonderful ministry.

Today's Hamilton Spectator has an opinion article by another Knox friend, journalist Thom Froese, Back-to-school time in -- Uganda.

Thom's article helped me to see the vital importance of what we are doing to help fund the education of these girls and boys.  We are making a very real difference.

Four of us had lunch with Justus today and we asked him what the greatest need was for the ministry.  "More classrooms," was his reply.  Some years back Knox helped to provide the funding to build a classroom.  Maybe we will have that opportunity again.

As we see our own children back in school this fall let's be listening to God with an open heart & mind  share the dreams he has for Knox to love and minister to children in Waterdown/Flamborough and Buikwe/Kiyindi.