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On This Journey Together

Thu, 09/13/2012 - 15:43 -- George Robertson

My copy of the September Presbyterian Record arrived today.  The cover story is on Canada Youth 2012 held this past July at Brock University.

This coming Sunday, September 16 at our 9 and 11 am services one of our Knox young people, Evan Siegner, will be talking about his experiences at CY12.  Evan's story is a story you need to hear!

The Moderator of the 2012 General Assembly, the Rev. Dr. John Vissers, makes the case for why you need to come and listen deeply to Evan's story this Sunday.  Here's the link to his article in the Record.

John closes his article with this challenge.  "Let's make ministry among youth and young adults and families one of our priorities going forward.  Let's make it inter-cultural and inter-generational.  Let's have every congregation set up a Facebook page for young people.  Let's give our young people the freedom to do ministry their own way....let's keep showing young people that God loves tham and that Jesus invites them on this journey with us.  Who knows, perhaps they'll end up leading us."

This Sunday we will have an individual and collective opportunity to say to Evan and our other young people, "YES we are on this journey of following Jesus together!  Together, let's see where it is God is leading and taking us.  Together, let's go there and how would you like to lead the way!"